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This task is used to trigger apex unit tests in an org and also captures the results as an artifact and publishes the result in the tests tab.


Please note Install SFDX with Sfpowerkit task is added to the pipeline before utilizing this task

Task Snapshot

Task Version and Details

id: sfpwowerscript-triggerapextest-task

version: 6.0.4

Input Variables - Visual Designer Labels (Yaml variables)

Provide the alias or username of the target org

Select the testlevel for this task from the possible list of values, The values include the following

- RunSpecifiedTests (Run only specified tests)
- RunApexTestSuite (Run an apex test suite)
- RunLocalTests (Run Local Tests)
- RunAllTestsInOrg (Run All Tests in the org)

This field will be visible only if the Test Level is RunSpecifiedTests, Provide a coma seperated list of apex test classes that is to be executed

This field will be visible only if the Test Level is RunApexTestSuite, Provide the name of the apex test suite that should be executed with this task.

The time this task should wait for the result to be generated. The default wait time is 60 minutes.

Enable this flag to send anonymous usage telemetry to track usage and bring further improvements to this task

Output Variables


Control Options