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This task is used to promote an unlocked package to ‘released’ state before deploying it into a production org. You can read more about promoting a package to released status here. It is recommended to utilize this taks in the ‘Prod’ stage in a release pipeline in most normal scenarios, where a tested package in the lower environment is ready to be deployed to production and the version number has to be frozen.


Please note Install SFDX with Sfpowerkit task is added to the pipeline before utilizing this task

Task Snapshot

Task Version and Details

id: sfpwowerscript-promoteunlocked-task

version: 4.0.1

Input Variables  - Visual Designer Labels (Yaml variables)

This task has two options, ‘BuildArtifact’ or using a ‘Custom’. If you specify BuildArtifact (when used in a release pipeline with sfpowerscript build artifact),specify the attached build artifact in the Artifact input parameter. If it custom option is selected, pass in the package version id

Provide the alias of the devhub previously authenticated, default value is HubOrg if using the Authenticate Org task

Output Variables


Control Options