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This task is a thin wrapper over sfdx force:package:install command with a helpful function to directly apply a build artifact built using Create SFDX Unlocked Package Task. This task is meant to be used in Release Pipeline


Please note Install SFDX with Sfpowerkit task is added to the pipeline before utilizing this task

Task Snapshot

Task Version and Details

id: sfpwowerscript-installunlockedpackage-task

version: 8.0.9

Input Variables  - Visual Designer Labels (Yaml variables)

This task has two options, BuildArtifact or using a custom. If you specify BuildArtifact, specify the attached build artifact in the Artifact input parameter. If it is the custom option pass in the package id

The name of the artifact that is attached to this release pipeline. Please note it will only take artifact generated by Create SFDX Unlocked Package

Output Variables


Control Options