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This task is used to deploy/validate metadata which is in source format (newer format) to any org, be it a scratch org, sandbox or production. The task does the following things.

  1. Converts the source directory to metadata using source:convert command
  2. Use mdapi:deploy to deploy/validate the converted metadata to an org
  3. Run any associated test runs supported along with the mdapi:deploy command

You can read about mdapi:deploy command here and understand the various options


Please note Install SFDX with Sfpowerkit task is added to the pipeline before utilizing this task

Task Snapshot

Task Version and Details

id: sfpowerscript-deploysourcetoorg-task

version: 7.1.4

Input Variables  - Visual Designer Labels (Yaml variables)

Only visible, if the testlevel is RunApexTestSuite, Provide the name of the apex test suite that need to be executed

Output Variables

This variable holds the id of the deployment, you can use the deployment id to pull reports or do any further action on subsequent tasks

Control Options