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This task is used to export the complete metadata (in source format) from a given org. This task is helpful for daily backups or further analysis of metatadata

Task Snapshot

Task Version and Details

id: sfpowerscript-exportsourcefromorg-task

version: 2.0.9

Input Variables [Visual Designer Labels / Yaml variables]

The path to the directory, where the metadata from the org should be exported to. The path will be created if it doesnt exist. The export from the org is in a zip format, Check the ‘Unzip the exported metadata/source from the zip into the provided folder’

Mention the metadata types seperated by comma, that need to be excluded while exporting. Useful to exclude types such as Connected App, Named Credential etc.

Check this option to exclude managed package metadata components to be exported from the target org

Enable this flag to send anonymous usage telemetry to track usage and bring further improvements to this task.

Output Variables

Control Options