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Release pipelines are one of the most exciting benefits of using Azure Pipelines, which is not just for Continous Integration but can also act us an automated release orchestrator. This sample pipeline demonstrates how to orchestrate during an org wide development model. We simulate the creation of an build artifact utilizing the Continous Integration Pipeline - Org Based

This pipeline is manually triggered by some one releasing a previously build artifact to the the environment. This could be automated using the various mechanisms available in Azure Pipelines

Pipeline Snapshot


You can import and modify this pipeline using the file provide in the link

Tasks Snapshot in one of the stages


The steps that are part of the pipeline in an individual stage are

  1. Checkout the build artifact
  2. Install SFDX CLI
  3. Authenticate an Org( In this case, it is authenticating against the Sandbox to be deployed)
  4. Deploy a Source Repo to Org

It is recommended to have a variable group created per environment,such as in the figure and associate it with each stage of the pipeline