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Here is how to get started with SFPowerscripts, if you want to explore the whole sample pipelines is utilizing Azure DevOps Demo Generator. If you are already experienced with Azure Pipelines, skip these steps and directly import the sample pipelines once the extension is installed or start creating the pipelines the way you prefer

1. Sign into your Azure Pipelines Account. If you are not an Azure Pipelines customer, it is quite easy to get one going. Follow the links here

2. Install the sfpowerscripts extension into your Azure Pipelines org from here

3. Navigate to Azure DevOps Demo Generator at https://azuredevopsdemogenerator.azurewebsites.net/

4. Select your organization,

5. Type in a project name for the to be created project

6. Click on choose template and then navigate to the private tab

7. Choose URL and mention the following url 

sfpowerscripts sample pipelines

8. Click on Create Project and wait for the project to be completed

9. Navigate to the newly created project

10. Confirm the build and release pipelines are created, start modifying the following for the pipelines to work