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This release introduces some major changes to the plugin


*  Previous versions of deprecated tasks such as Authenticate an Org, Install SFDX CLI and Manage ScratchOrg has been removed. which means the pipelines will start complaining if you are still using these tasks after the update.  Please start using the newer versions of these tasks.

* The plugin also requires new permissions for this upgrade to work such as ability to manage and execute builds, ability to manage release pipelines and service connections. This is essential as we start building UI extensions going forward.

* Introducing the first version of PMD Analysis Tab, that will light up if you have a PMD analysis task on your build definition. It will currently display the defect count and some details. Subsequent versions will feature more features onto this tab such as a trend history. The PMD tasks have to be updated to 4.3.0

* Authenticate an Org task now supports a Service Connection using Basic Auth, which can be set project wide. This removes the need for variable groups / variables to be linked to pipelines and making the management whole lot easier.

* Install SFDX CLI task now lets you choose Salesforce API version which will be applied globally for all the execution. This will let you create preview scratch orgs and so on.



* None