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SFPowerscripts is an open source and free Azure Pipelines Extension that converts Azure Pipelines into a CI/CD platform for Salesforce. The extension features the following tasks. Install the plugin from Visual Studio Marketplace and read the documentation on how to configure a highly customizable Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline.

Please note this extension only works with the newer source format based repositories only and works with both Hosted Linux and Windows Agents

Common/Utility Tasks

How does it work?

For eg: a Pull Request validation for an unlocked package should feature the tasks in this order

PR Pipeline

  1. Install the SFDX CLI
  2. Validate the unlocked package for metadata coverage
  3. Authenticate DevHub
  4. Create a Scratch Org
  5. Install Package Dependencies in the target scratch org
  6. Deploy source to the target scratch org
  7. Delete the scratch org ( optional : Utilize post action on create scratch org task )

Getting Started

Checkout SFPowerscripts documentation here on how to Get Started with these tasks. The repo also features sample pipelines that demonstrate the usage of pipelines.

What if there is an issue with the extension?

Please create an issue using the methods listed here.